The main idea behind the full proposal of Artisanal Milano is the Bespoke, shoes entirely handmade, a service able to fulfill all the requests of customization, style, comfort and construction.
The client has absolutely free choice thanks to the shoemaker skills, which interprets his specific needs. The execution of a pair of bespoke shoes requires several steps.
The first involves foot measurement, body symmetry analysis, observation of the way of walking, the discovery of tastes and habits.
All this information is precious in order to realize the customized wooden shoe-last on which the shoes will be shaped.
Next is the proof of the “maquette”, an intermediate pair of shoes, a crucial step for the development of the model.
All the changes if needed are marked on the “maquette”, which is finally replaced by a brand-new pair, the final one.
The Bespoke experience ends with the delivery of the pair of shoes, a unique jewel, impeccable and comfortable.
Artisanal Milano regularly hosts private clients interested in bespoke shoes at our shop in Milan. It is possible to request an appointment by writing to
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